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bcmf live 2018

Works by Haydn, Brown, and Rheinberger

bcmf live 2018

  • Joseph Haydn (arr. Salomon), Symphony No. 94 in G major, "Surprise" for Flute, String Quartet, and Piano

    Elizabeth Brown, Island Nocturnes for Flute, Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano

    Joseph Rheinberger, Nonet for Winds and Strings in E-flat major, Op. 139

  • Marya Martin, flute; John Snow, oboe; Romie de Guise-Langlois, clarinet; Peter Kolkay, bassoon; Stewart Rose, horn; Kristin Lee, violin; Tien-Hsin Cindy Wu, viola; Jakob Koranyi, cello; Karl Doty, bass

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